Quartz Products

Quartz is an engineered stone product that is manufactured to resemble natural stone.  Quartz has become popular due to the plethora of designs and its user-friendly qualities.

This stone is extremely durable, nonporous, stain resistant and does not require sealing.  Brands featured:

Natural Stone

Nothing beats the beauty and variety that Mother Nature created.  Stone counter tops are very durable but do require periodic maintenance. It is recommended that natural stone countertops be sealed at least once a year to maintain their look and performance.

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Soapstone
  • Limestone

Wooden Countertops

Wooden counter tops are timeless and never go out of style.  A wooden top adds warmth and can be a stunning focal point on an island. Scratches add to the patina but can also be removed.  Brands we carry are:

Solid Surface and Laminate

Solid surface counters can be molded and shaped to allow for seamless backsplashes and sinks, as well as a variety of custom edges.  Seams are easily concealed to be virtually invisible.  These counters are more durable than laminates and can be also repaired/restored to their original condition if scratched. Brands available are:

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